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What do I need to bring with me?


1) A Mat - Can be rented for 2 dollars at our studio if you do not have your own.

2) Mat Towel - Optional but recommended for bikram classes in particular.

3) Water Container/Bottle - We have a filtered water machine and sell water by the bottle.


Enthusiasm is optional but always welcome. Otherwise, we'll help in this department.

What if I have an injury? Can I still do yoga?

While it is advised that you listen to your doctor, the common consensus is that yoga done with proper form can not only be enjoyable, but it can help heal many problems such as shoulder injuries etc. Once again, proper form is key so if you are new to yoga, start with one of our more basic classes or find a teacher to do one-on-ones until you are ready to move on.

What are the types of yoga you offer?

hYoat are the types of New studies show that Hot Yoga offers the same IMMENSE benefits as visiting the sauna.


Vinyasa is one breath-one movement based class that is usually a bit more fast-paced and revolves around the "Vinyasa Flow" or "Sun-Salutations Sequence" which can be very invigorating. Room is set to about 85 degrees.


Bikram is offered here at 60 and 90-minute styles. The sequencing is always the same 26 postures (usually done twice if in the 90-minute class) and is more static than Vinyasa (Where you're often moving). Room is set to about 105 Degrees with some humidity to cleanse the body of toxins and make one quite a bit more flexible.


Yin is our most relaxing class. It is pure grounded bliss in a slow-moving form. It is VERY relaxing for the nervous system and provides deep fascial stretching for the body. One comes out of the class feeling reborn and ready to take on the week.


Ananda style yoga is our newest addition and a rare form of yoga that was made popular by the first Yogi to move to the US from India, back in the 1920's; Paramhansa Yogananda. It is the original Hatha Yoga system that was shared with the West and is largely a set of energization exercises to enliven the body, postures combined with affirmations to sync body with the mind, and finally, all this allows one to go into a very deep meditation at the end.

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April 21, 2018

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